The Symphony
of Crystal Harmony

The instruments we create are handmade with attention to every detail and with particular attention to acoustic precision.

The harps we create allow us to transfer and express the highest harmonic structure of the crystal into acoustic vibration. Everyone in the sound field of this instrument has the opportunity to feel their subtle harmonic quality and use it to freely transmit its vibrations through their body. And it’s quite easy to achieve. To do this, all we need is our willingness and openness.

Crystals in the physical world represent perfect harmony because their structure, thanks to the crystallization process, has been arranged in the highest possible order.

Although these vibrations have subtle harmonics, they are also strong in acoustic intensity and easily encompass the entire space and the creatures residing in it.

Immerse Yourself in the truly harmonious vibration of the crystal

We created these instruments with the idea of supporting sound and energy healing, supporting the invocation of presence and meditative states. The specific ethereal harmonics of the crystal harp evoke in people feelings and visions that are often undiscovered in everyday life. It allows you to open up to completely new, highly vibrating sources of inspiration.​

We offer several tonal models available for order.

Each model sounds slightly different, evoking different moods:

Light SECRETIVE crystal harp ~ F


Hear the sound

Light THROAT crystal harp ~ G


Hear the sound

Light ARCANA crystal harp ~ Fis


Hear the sound

Light HEART crystal harp ~ F


Hear the sound

Large Ethereal C


Hear the sound

Ethereal C


Hear the sound

Heavenly Sun A


Hear the sound

Celtic moon B


Hear the sound

Deep Earth Om Gis


Hear the sound

Earth Om C# + B4


Hear the sound

Celtic moon B is a true work of sonic art. I feel now like I'm in a magical place - unparalleled atmosphere
Natasha sterseed
Beautiful vibrations. I'm in awe of its crystal harmonics
Patrick, here and now
France, Torus
I didn't expect a Sun A,432 to sound so enchanting. It's not just an instrument, it's a source of peace and harmony in my evening and morning life ^^
Kate B.
UK, London
It's amazing how this instrument can fill the space with sound. The crystal harp is not just music; it's an experience that brings tranquility and joy to my surroundings
John B.
I'm delighted with my new crystal Sun A. It sounds incredibly clear and pure, exceeding my expectations. It's a perfect addition to my collection of instruments. I give it 5 stars
Susan O.
What this crystal harp does with with me is absolutely magical. It adds incredible depth and beauty to my singing. I can't wait to share this discovery with others from my tribe
Singing with the accompaniment of the crystal harp is pure trip. The sounds from the instrument perfectly harmonize with my voice, creating unforgettable moments of musical geometry
Wow :)) this crystal instrument is a true masterpiece! The sound is even more beautiful than I imagined, truly adding a magical touch to my healing work
Aguś fom Gongs SC
Earth Om takes my singing to a whole new level. The synergy of the soft tones of the harp and my voice creates a unique harmony, penetrates the heart and soul

Harmonic Tuning

Each model has harmoniously selected tones that will bring acoustic balance to the space. Set in the natural scale 432 Hz, and also in the classic 440 Hz.

Made in Europe

Our workshop is located in one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Poland, Gdynia. We ship worldwide.

Anyone can use

You don't have to be a musician to play our harps and experience their benefits. All you need is your intuition and spontaneity.


Below are several questions that may arise regarding the crystal harp, as well as the ordering and shipping process.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via email.

1. Is the crystal harp easy to play?

- It is a harmonized and intuitive instrument, which means that its notes are arranged in such a way as not to create false tones and it always sounds beautiful. It is very easy to play, and the sounds are played intuitively, so learning only takes a few moments. It is an instrument for developing intuition.

2. Which model is best for me?

- Each model is tuned differently and presents a completely different atmosphere and mood. Some introduce lightness and joy (e.g. Heavenly Sun A, Ethereal C, Heart F), others go towards depth and magic (i.e. Celtic moon B, Arcana F#), still others have a grounding effect and support processes (i.e. Earth Om C#+B4).

Each of us is also different and is attracted to different vibrations. The best way is to choose intuitively, listen fully and feel the melody, being in the present moment.

3. Which tone should I choose, natural (A = 432 Hz) or classic (A = 440 Hz)?

- If you want to use your instrument for soundhealing, energy healing, meditation and general improvement of the quality of human life, we recommend using the natural scale (A = 432 Hz), which is more consistent with nature and life.

- If you want your instrument to be compatible with many other classical instruments, and you want to mix, filter and match it with electronics, then we recommend the classical scale (A = 440 Hz), which is very common in the world and most instruments and electronic devices are set to it.

4. Is it a good instrument for singing?

- Each model works beautifully with the human voice, richer it, and the long-lasting vibrations create a celestial background to fill with your vocal expression.

The most frequently chosen patterns for singing are those containing the repeated notes e, f, a and g. These are Heavenly Sun A, Celtic moon B and throat G.  Combined with the human voice, the crystal harp can enchant and lift singing into greater depth, mystic e delicacy.

5. How can I play with my hands and water on it?

- There is a completely different way to play this instrument than hitting the pipes and that is to play it with wet hands.

Before playing this way, it is worth checking whether your hands are not greasy or whether the pipes are not dirty with grease, as it makes playing difficult. Washing your hands with soap and water is enough to get rid of it.

  1. Put your hand in a bowl of lukewarm water and hold it there for a while. If you water your skin first, your hands will stay moist longer and you won't have to re-soak your hands often.
  2. Run your wet hand over the tube, starting from the fingertips and ending with the palm of your hand. The strokes should be long and you need to find that speed and pressure. Try slower at first.
  3. You can also soak the tubes themselves with water or use an oil diffuser under the instrument, these are other variations of playing the same way.
  4. Watch a video of what this sounds and looks like (with resonant vibrations):

  1. When you're done, wipe the wet pipes with a microfiber cloth
6. Is the harp easy to transport?

- Instruments are carried in safe and reinforced backpacks or suitcases. They have a compact size with minimal length and width in inch and can be worn on the back, on the shoulder or in the hand. The packaging has been prepared so that you can easily take the instrument anywhere and explore anywere. This applies to both plane flights (case as hand luggage) and long hikes through the beach or forest (backpack on the back). Both the backpack and the case have space for the instrument and its accessory.

7. How is it used in soundhealing?

- This instrument can be used for traditional concerts or to work with people to improve their quality of life. Our instrument was created with the idea of bringing harmonizing and balancing crystal vibrations into the human experience.
The sounds of the instrument have a calming and relaxing effect, redirecting our attention to more subtle planes of being, where we can work on ourselves at a different level of understanding our energy. It is an intuitive instrument, so a lot depends on our attitude towards the process.
A session with a crystal harp can be an extraordinary experience for the participant, contacting him with his subtle part, appearance of the present moment or simple relax ( passive relaxation ).

Some people use it for dance therapy - e.g. ecstatic dance, chakra dance and movement medicine, as well as during massage sessions.

This is a great instrument to soothe stress, tension and racing thoughts. The harmonics of the crystal also direct us to return to our harmony (harmonization of body and mind) and sensitize us to feeling more subtle stimuli.

8. What is the waiting time for the package with the instrument?

- Parcel delivery depends on the region of the world to which we are sending it. In Europe it is from 2-5 days, and in countries outside Europe from 4-10 days.

Due to the fact that we use air couriers, delivery is fast and usually parcels arrive within approximately 4-6 days. To some countries, e.g. USA, Australia, priority shipping is possible, which takes up to 4 business days.

9. Do you ship the parcel to my country?

- We ship worldwide and can certainly ship the instrument you choose to you. We ship within Europe via DPD and UPS couriers. We send instruments to countries outside the European Union via air couriers, such as Fedex, UPS. When you add the selected harp to the cart and enter your address, the website will automatically calculate the shipping price to you.

10. What instruments does the crystal harp go well with?

- It harmonizes well with other crystal instruments, such as singing crystal bowls, alchemic crystal bowls, crystal chime.  And also with traditional singing bowls, symphonic gongs and meditative chimes. It also blends beautifully with handpans and many other instruments. However, please remember that the scale should be consistent with the scale of the selected instrument. Most often, it is the natural scale A= 432Hz or the classic scale A= 440 Hz.

11. Do you have to be very careful with this instrument?

- This instrument may look delicate, but it is constructed with strong acrylic body materials and 99.8% pure quartz crystal tubes that are harder than traditional glass. It is as durable as crystal bowls.

It's definitely a good idea to protect it against falls and impacts, but you don't need to handle it excessively, and the tubes themselves will also take stronger mallet hits.

12. If I damage a tube or other component, can I have it serviced?

- Yes. We offer full service for these instruments and repair them on site or, if the repair is not required, remotely instructing the customer how to replace a given element (remote replacement). We rarely service these instruments, but if the need arises, please contact us.

13. How does harp tuning relate to the chakra system?

- When using alchemical crystal bowls, tuning for chakras is most often used in cdefgabc note on a natural scale. Then the lowest note C is assigned to the base chakra, and the highest note B is assigned to the crown chakra.

Of our harps, the closest to this system will be the Ethereal C model, which corresponds to the arrangement of the cdefgabc note. It is also called chromatic crystal harp.

14. In what octaves is a crystal harp tuned?

- Each model is tuned differently and also touches different octaves, but the most basic is the 5th octave in which each model has at least half of the notes. Large and medium harps start in the 4th octave, and each of them also touches the 6th octave with a few notes.

15. What is the sound difference between a crystal harp and traditional metal harps?

- Traditional harps use a combination of metal and silicone strings and are usually larger in dimension. Our instrument is crystalline in harmonics.

16. Does a crystal harp sound similar to crystal singing bowls?

- Some harmonics may be similar to the sound of crystal singing bowls, but due to the different shape of the resonating crystal, they produce their own unique sounds.
Crystal bowls singing together with crystal harp enrich each other perfectly and can create the magic of synergy together.

17. What is the difference between chakraphones and a crystal harp?

- Both instruments are based on tubes, but this is where the similarities end.
First of all, the chakraphones are a metal-based instrument, so its sound will be completely different. It expresses harmonic sounds and vibrations corresponding to the metal structure into space. The purpose of the crystal harp is to create harmonics from the structure of a pure crystal. This is a completely different, more ethereal level of introducing harmony into space.

18. Is this instrument also called the glass harp?

- The crystal harp has many names and because it is a relatively new instrument, many people call it different names, but a glass harp can also refer to a rotating cylinder instrument with wine glasses affixed, played by moistened fingers. When you see a harp at a concert, you may assume that it is made of glass, but it is pure crystal. Other names often assigned include rainbow crystal harp, alchemic crystal harp, crystal lyra, crystal singing harp, crystalophones etc..

If you have additional questions, you can contact us. You can find the phone number and e-mail address by clicking here

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