Deep Earth Om Gis

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This grounding tonality helps finding balance between Heaven and Earth. The scale harmonises us with the surrounding nature. It supports various sound healing processes.

Mood: Depth, Grounding, Presence, Healing processes

Tones: G#4, A4, B4, C#5, E5, F#5, G#5, A5, B5


The crystal harp is a beautiful and harmonious sounding instrument.

Playing it is like holding a set of crystal singing bowls in your hand.

The harp emits deep, loud-sounding and harmonious vibrations. The sounds persist long after a given tone is struck, modulating each other. This must be heard because it is difficult to describe its specific melody.


The ~Earth Om G# (G sharp)~ harp consists of 9 quartz tubes tuned in the following keys:

G#4, A4, B4, C#5, E5, F#5, G#5, A5, B5 with extremely accurate tuning precision down to 0.2 Hz.

Scale: natural a=432Hz


About the musical key of the harp:

Deep Earth Om G# is the lowest and deepest of the scales, it is a lowered version of Earth Om C#, prepared especially for those who want a scale that is strongly in touch with presence and strongly grounding. Dedicated to soundhealing and energyhealing.

It is a deep grounding scale, contacting with presence and inner feeling, which is often obscured by our mind. Deep earth OM is consciously walking on the earth with an open heart.


Mood: Harmony, clear presence, evokes contact with the higher self, seeing the perfection of the present moment.

The main purpose of this tuning is: Grounding, reminding of the perfection and beauty of the moment.


The frequencies of this harp also affect the raising of vital energy in the body. After such a sound and vibration session, you can feel that your batteries have been recharged.


The tubes are made of quartz crystal with a purity of 99.8%. For this reason, it retains the acoustic quality of crystal singing bowls, but it sounds in a completely new way.


The length of the harp is 54 cm, its width is 55 cm, and the weight of the instrument itself is approx. 1.2 kg.


The ~Earth Om G#~ harp is completely transparent. The body is made of acrylic, and all additional elements allow light to pass through, which makes it feel more ethereal.


The harp can be held in your hand using the middle handle or placed on a stand.

You can play in several ways: by hitting the mallets or, which is more pleasant, with your fingers (lightly tapping with your nails). You can also get a completely different acoustic effect by rubbing the pipes with your hands moistened with water.

By moving the harp sideways while playing, its sound undergoes additional modulations.


The set includes:

– Crystal harp 432Hz Earth Om G#

– Set of mallets

– Foldable stand (to place the harp)

– A booklet with instructions in 5 languages (English, Polish, German, Spanish, French) and a product quality declaration with a serial number

– Hardcase backpack reinforced with strong and light ABS material and lined with waterproof velvet inside (for carrying the instrument on the back or on a shoulder strap).

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