Light SECRETIVE crystal harp ~ F


~ a smaller and more compact model that you can easily take anywhere.

It is an experimental minor scale that creates an atmosphere of depth and shadow. It is mysterious and able to build tension, dedicated to the trip-top style.

Notes: F5, B5, C6, C#6, D#6, G#6

Mood: depth, mystery, building tension.



Light crystal harp – a smaller and more compact model that you can easily take anywhere.

This is a minor scale of depth and shadow. Its sound introduces a typically shamanic atmosphere of anticipation and tension. Takes you back to the past. It works well in the trip-hop style.

It is lighter than a traditional harp, so small hands will enjoy its weight of approx. 0.8 kg.
It requires little storage space and is easily transported.
It is also classified as hand luggage on an airplane.

It is used in exactly the same way as a full-size 9-note harp and sounds equally beautiful, although it is a higher-sounding instrument. We can play with mallets, hands and water.
We also encourage you to listen to the full-size 9-note harp, which has a wider tone spectrum including both low and high sounds.

Light crystal harp is available in a solid, handy and durable hardcase, in which it is completely safe.
Inside, the hardcase is lined with waterproof velvet that beautifully presents the instrument.

We declare the purity of the quartz used in the instrument to be 99.8% and the tuning precision to 0.2 Hz.

Notes: F5, B5, C6, C#6, D#6, G#6 with extremely accurate tuning precision down to 0.2 Hz.
Scale: natural a=432Hz

Mood: depth, mystery, building tension

The set includes:
– Light crystal harp – F Secretive
– Hardcase – dimensions approx. 46 x 40 x 18 cm (18 x 15.5 x 7 in)
– game mallet
– Manual with quality declaration and serial number
– Cleaning cloth and spare fasteners.

The crystal harp itself weighs approx. 0.8 kg
The instrument placed in a hardcase weighs approx. 3.8 kg

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