Think you can be the 'third wing' to our harmonic flight?

(Yes, our logo has two, but great
things come in threes!)

Are you passionate about wellness, relaxation, and the power of sound? Become our Ambassador and spread harmonic bliss to the world.




Magdalena Jokiel

RB Sound Touch






Ethereal Wings.
Transparency and Trust

At Ethereal Wings, we pride ourselves on being a European brand built on integrity and excellence. Our harps are crafted to the highest standards, embodying a blend of tradition and innovation. But our commitment goes beyond our products. We deeply value and nurture our relationships, both with our esteemed partners and our dedicated brand ambassadors. When you collaborate with us, you join a family that prioritizes trust, transparency, and mutual growth.

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Ambassador requirements?

5k followers, 2% engagement rate.


10% of the total sale, excluding taxes.

Payment method?

Monthly, bank or PayPal.

Ambassador discount?

20% off.

Direct contact for ambassadors?

Dedicated contact within our company.

Advertising disclosure required?

All promotions must be labeled as advertising.

The beautiful wonder

of cooperation

Our ambassadors are people who, having our instrument, wanted to show its capabilities to the world through social media and the physical world.

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